The Development Collective

We’re a group of people who conceive, create and develop original Canadian content programming.  

We don’t all work together: we have our own companies, our own goals, sometimes compete and sometimes collaborate. But despite our differences we are all united because we all hustle to make new Canadian-born content come to life, whether it’s on film, TV, OTT, VR… or whatever gets invented next. 

As a professional networking group established in 2017 we have a mandate to promote and develop Canadian and British Columbia-based original screen based intellectual property.

Our members are producers and development executives who work with creators to develop film, television, VR and digital media ideas and projects that will generate production activity in the province.

Anyone who is actively working as a professional development executive or as a producer who develops original content is welcome to join. So join! Check out the lists below.

Who We Are

The Development Collective is an association that brings together producers and development executives working on our own, and with companies large and small in British Columbia.

We work in all genres and every size and scale of production. What we have in common is that we are all passionate about collaborating with writers, directors and other creators to develop their ideas and get them on screen.

What We're About

Our industry is built upon relationships — they are truly what make projects come together and move forward to fruition. We want to facilitate those relationships and help foster connections between content producers, creators, representatives, and the larger creative community in BC.

What We're Doing

Our goal is to get people talking, collaborating, sharing ideas and sharing resources. One thing we’re doing is facilitating the organization of professional events and opportunities focused on project development. This means both organizing our own events, and working with other organizations who share our goals to help facilitate and promote their own events with the larger goal of encouraging connections that can help develop projects. Working together, we can all succeed.

Subscribe to our Mailing List

If you’d like to learn more about The Development Collective and our upcoming events and activities, sign up for our mailing list. Please let us know if you are a Producer/Development Professional, Creator, Associate or Student. Identifying your self this way just helps us stay organized!

Development Professional

You’re a producer or development executive who has optioned, developed or produced a project with a studio, network or distributor in the past 24 months. You develop your own ideas, and other people’s.

Writer, Director or Creator

You’re a writer, director or other content creator with a professional credit or who has optioned, develped or produced a project within the past 24 months. You develop your own projects, but not other people’s.


You’re a writer, producer, creator, executive, funder, supplier or otherwise invoved in the industry but do not qualify as a Development Professional or Creator.


You’re a student, recent graduate or aspiring creator who does not qualify as a Development Professional, Creator or Associate.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch, please email The Development Collective using the form below, and one of us will be in touch!

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